Welcome to my new website!  Here you’ll find galleries, class schedules, a new way to shop for Jonna’s jewelry, links to friends and much more.  And I’ll post to my blog right here on a regular basis!

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5 Responses to Welcome!

  1. Marcie Stone says:

    Beautiful work and wonderful new website! Good job Jonna and Steve!
    Miss you! Lots of love from M & G

  2. Deb Jemmott says:

    Jonna — the ring is lovely and the what a great way to share your thoughts. Beautiful website. I look forward to reading more!

    • jonna92025 says:

      Hey, Deb, You are my mentorial queen!!! Thank you so much for demonstrating how to both teach and live with kindness and generosity. Can’t wait until you get everything organized for your new website and Etsy shop!!! Big hugs, Jonna

  3. Connie Fox says:

    Hey girl, you have it goin on. And Steve too, not that he is a girl. What a beautiful website for a beautiful woman. May it bring many good things from the universe right to your fancy Mac.

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