Dramatic Hollow Forms

It’s here!  My hollow forms in silver metal clay class starts tomorrow.  We had to change the venue.  I’m now hosting the class in my home studio in Escondido.  Let the cleaning begin!!!

3 hollow forms necklace pendants by Jonna Faulkner.  Images by Steve Rossman.

I love this technique because it allows me to make and wear more substantial pieces in silver metal clay without breaking my neck, because they’re too heavy, or the bank because they’re way too expensive.

If you’re interested in joining the class, you can find more information, click here.  You can also email me at jonnafaulkner@gmail.com.  Love to see you!

About Jonna Faulkner

Jewelry Artist and Teacher
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  1. Lauren King says:

    Enjoyed this class so much!! Thanks Jonna for sharing your expertise in the metal clay world. As always I really appreciate it and love what was produced!! See you soon! Hugs~

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