The Other Side of the Hollow Forms Class

Thought for the day:  “We must be willing to let go of the life we planned in order to have the life that is waiting for us.”  Joseph Campbell

Well, I’d planned to be at the top of the technology heap but the world doesn’t run on the IBM Selectric III typewriter anymore, so that’s a dream shattered.  Any muffled oaths you might detect while reading my blog are just me adjusting to the technological life that is waiting for me.  Particularly, iPhoto.  Never mind.  We’ll just size and insert photos another way!  (And, by “we,” I mean my husband and me, not the royal “we” — I haven’t started confusing myself with the Queen just yet.)

I had a great time in the hollow forms class I taught this weekend.  The three talented women who joined me created beautiful pendants and I’ve got the photos to prove it!!

   These pure silver pendants, all shot by Steve Rossman (Photographer and Husband Extraordinaire), were made with Art Clay Silver Metal Clay.  The pieces were formed over cork clay armatures using a collage application technique.  All have pearls.  Everything goes better with pearls!  Karen and Michelle also applied 24k gold to their pieces using the keum-boo process.  All three artists made other beautiful pendants in the class as well.  They rocked!!!

Here we are in the garden.  It’s the last day of class and we’re still vertical and still smiling!  The dark chocolate might have contributed something to our happiness.

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4 Responses to The Other Side of the Hollow Forms Class

  1. Lauren King says:

    Nice picture!! Love the pieces, they are gorgeous!!

  2. Karen Cloutman says:

    This class was so much fun. Everyone needs to take it. Can’t wait to try out all the skills Jonna taught me. Looking forward to taking another class.

  3. marcia says:

    Can’t wait until I take sabbatical (2014 fall) and can explore some metal clay with you. You do it so beautifully!

  4. Diana Frey says:

    Beautiful work by all!! But how could it be anything but….with an excellent teacher/artist like you, Jonna. Your blog and website are great….welcome to blog world.

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