The Fundamentals

Today I went up to the City of Industry in the LA area to reclaim two of my kilns.  They went into the hospital at Laguna Clay Company suffering from exhaustion.  After some time spent at the spa and a minor operation, both have recuperated beautifully!  I’m so glad to have them back in my studio.

When I was growing up, I never understood why my dad was gleeful when he got a new tool for Christmas.  Now I do.  Don’t get me wrong.  I like sparkly things, too.  But I felt bereft while my kilns were gone.  Diamonds might be forever, but they can’t be set without good tools.

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4 Responses to The Fundamentals

  1. Connie Fox says:

    Even diamonds aren’t necessarily forever….. I lost one in my wedding ring a while back. Went to the great McGee brothers at the Jewelry Exchange downtown and in addtion to adding a new one, had all of the stones reset. They did such an incredibly good job. On another note, I will look froward to reading your musings about jewerly and life in general. You are such a talented writer, Jonna – the world needs to hear from you.

  2. Kay Teeters says:

    That is absolutely true–can’t work without your tools. For Christmas my brother gave me some of our Dad’s clay modeling tools, most of which Dad had made himself over the years.

  3. Deb Jemmott says:

    I felt like that when my computer spent the night at the Apple store…. Glad they are back and working well!

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