Round and round again…Basics class is back!!!

It’s incredibly embarrassing to realize that I can just about duplicate my last post.  I only have to change the date.

Very happy to be teaching a one-day Basics Class in Silver Metal Clay this coming Saturday, August 9.  It will be held in my home studio in Escondido, CA.  I do have a few openings in the class if anyone would like to attend.  It’s an introduction to many of the wonderful things that can be done with metal clay.

Charm Bracelet by Jonna Faulkner. Beginner class sample. Photo by Steve Rossman.

The image shows a charm bracelet full of the types of elements that can be made in class.  Many students prefer to make dangles for earrings or pendants for necklaces in the workshop.  In either case, we have lots of fun and explore many techniques for working with silver metal clay.

To register, just email me at  Cost for the class is $100.  Materials are extra.  Hours are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.  My studio has air conditioning!!!

I’m working slowly on filling out my teaching schedule for the rest of the year.  I’m excited about my upcoming classes.  I just love being in community with folks who also enjoy making things.  I’m posting classes one-at-a-time.  I expect to have the complete schedule available on my website by the end of the week.

Hope all is well with you!!!




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  1. Pamela Chereskin says:

    One of the reasons I cannot come tomorrow is your news letter had Sunday Aug 9 and I could not make that date so I changed my plans. Pam

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