Summer’s End (We Hope) and Fall Classes

My workshops for the rest of the year are now posted under Class Schedule on my website.  The first one to come up is Wrist Torc Bracelet in Silver Metal Clay.


Jonna-Silver_Metal_Clay-2_Pearl_Bangle-3-72Jonna-Silver_Metal_Clay-2_Pearl_Bangle-4-72It will be held here in my Escondido studio on Saturday and Sunday, September 27 & 28, 2014.  The weather here has been brutal (with apologies to those of my friends who live in Arizona, Florida, Louisiana, you know, the desert/tropical states where you expect such horrors).  It was 111 degrees F one day here this week!!!  Thank goodness for air conditioning, both in our house and in my studio.  I know I have no right to complain but I am so glad the heat wave has broken.

I’m excited about this schedule which includes a new venue for me at the OVA Gallery in Ojai, CA.  Spaces are still available in all my classes, so please let me know if you’d like to register:

About Jonna Faulkner

Jewelry Artist and Teacher
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2 Responses to Summer’s End (We Hope) and Fall Classes

  1. Tammi says:

    Joanna, how much is this bravely class you added? It is late September in your studio I believe.

    • Jonna Faulkner says:

      Hey, Tammi, Thanks for your note. Somehow (and the ways of the computer are a mystery to me) you are reading an old post. I’ve just added classes that take me through August 2017. I will be doing a Torc Bracelet class in Goldie Bronze on August 26 & 27, 2017, here in my Escondido studio. You can find more information about that class and the others by pushing the “Class Schedule” button on the homepage of my website: Hope this helps!!! Jonna

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