Bronze Cuff Bracelet Class Redux

My students always make gorgeous work in my classes.  It’s so inspiring to watch them create.  Here are several bracelets made by Kathy Cook and Sharan Merchant in the last Bronze Cuff Bracelet class.

Goldie Bronze Metal Clay–the brand name of the material we use to make these bracelets–works so easily and beautifully.  Its affordability allows us to explore and play on a larger scale than with silver metal clay.  I’ve found that experimentation with Goldie Bronze has led to breakthroughs for me in silver metal clay.  Here are several bronze cuff bracelets that I completed recently.

I’ll be teaching a workshop on making bronze cuff bracelets in my Escondido, CA studio this coming weekend, October 18 and 19.  No previous metal clay experience is required.  Several spots are still open in the class.  If you’re interested in attending, just e-mail me at

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7 Responses to Bronze Cuff Bracelet Class Redux

  1. Connie Fox says:

    These are gorgeous! Kudos to all three of you.

  2. Victoria Teague says:


  3. Lisa McNamarra says:

    Hopefully I am on your list. Sent you a email awhile ago. See you then. Lisa

    • Jonna Faulkner says:

      Hey, Lisa,

      So glad you wrote!!! I didn’t get your prior email and I’m very excited that you’re in the class. See you Saturday!!! Yippee!!!


  4. Mary Brown says:

    These are beautiful.

    Mary Brown

  5. Pam Chereskin says:

    Can’t he bracelet be repaired? My leaf one broke at on end.

    Sent from my iPhone


    • Jonna Faulkner says:

      Hey, Pam, So sorry to hear this but, YES, the bracelet can be repaired. Generally I use very thick paste or a tiny snake of the clay to bring two pieces together. I let it dry (sometimes you have to hold the two pieces together for a bit), then gently sand unwanted extrusion beyond the break. On the inner wall of the bracelet, I’ll put a decorative patch to make sure the mend holds. I paste the decorative patch on. If this doesn’t make sense, let’s make a time for you to stop by so we can talk. Big hugs, Jonna

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