Getting Ready for Mother’s Day

This coming weekend, April 16 and 17, I’ll be teaching a dramatic necklace class that involves multiple elements and several special techniques.  The pieces produced will make wonderful Mother’s Day gifts or presents for yourself.

Tiny Tube Roman era-640 Tiny_Tube_Garden_Necklace-640

We’ll begin by making silver metal clay tubing which will form the basis for all parts of the necklace except for the clasp.  We’ll add elements to the tubing that create a cohesive theme such as Treasures from the Sea, Delights in the Garden, or The Heart of the Matter.  We will also create a clasp that echoes the theme of the necklace.

The class will be held in my Escondido, CA, workshop.  Hours are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.  If you’re interested in participating or have any questions, just email me at  Hope to see you there!!!


About Jonna Faulkner

Jewelry Artist and Teacher
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2 Responses to Getting Ready for Mother’s Day

  1. Kimberly Affre says:

    Hi Jonna,Looking forward to taking another one of your classes soon 🙂  I forgot which site you recommended to view for small kilns for metal clay?  I am looking to purchase one for my home.Thanks,Kim

    • Jonna Faulkner says:

      Hey, Kim,

      The source I’ve been happy with for kilns is Clay King, but I would shop around on the internet to make sure their pricing is still good. I haven’t bought a kiln in a while. Glad to hear you’re still working with metal clay!!! Oh, the kiln I recommend is the Paragon SC2. Hope this helps. Let me know if you need more info. Look forward to seeing you again soon!!! Big hugs, Jonna

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