I’m SO embarrassed


My face is SO red!!!  I have been promising to get my class schedule together for Fall 2017 and Beyond right away…for ages.  I am SO sorry for the delay.  It’s finally happened!!!  As you’ll see, I’ll be teaching a Basics Class on Sunday, September 10, for those of you who’ve wanted to get your hands on silver metal clay.  There are other exciting classes on the horizon as well, as you’ll note.

I hope you all have had a fabulous summer!!!  Mine was wonderful…taking a terrific class from Micki Lippi during Metals Week at Idyllwild Arts, teaching there and at home, participating in the Bead Society’s annual Bead Bazaar, and studying enameling because I want to include more color in my work (not just on my face!).  If you ever get a chance to study with Jamie Bennett, master jeweler and enamelist, take it!!!  I did and I’m still floating on the excitement generated in the class.  I have so much more to learn!!!

These are some pieces I made during the summer.  The necklace with multiple elements was inspired by the class I took with Micki Lippi.

Moonlit mountain pendant Sedona earrings Blue treasure necklace

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