Welcome to my new website!  It’s got lots of features: images of my work, a class schedule that I’ll be able to update myself, a “tell-all” biography (well, maybe not quite all), links to wonderful artists who inspire me, a blog and a link to an on-line shop where I’ll be selling work.

I’ll update frequently, so please stop by to visit as often as you can or, better yet, subscribe so you’ll know whenever changes are made.

I’ve been very lucky to have a wonderful community of family and friends who support and sustain me.  Chief among them is my fabulous husband, Steve Rossman, who designed and built this website for me and took all the photographs, too!

Thanks for visiting.  Hope to see you again soon.

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  1. AnnRosier says:

    congrats! looking forward to seeing more. I’ve got to finish mine!

    • jonna92025 says:

      Hey, Ann, So good to see you today!!! Thanks for being the first to send me a note on the site. I don’t really know what I’m doing yet. Thank goodness for Steve!!! And, yes, you do need to finish yours. See you at Idyllwild if not before. Big hugs, Jonna

  2. Looking fabulous, Jonna!!!

    • jonna92025 says:

      Hey, Jennifer, Thanks so much!!! And, many thanks for allowing me to share your beautiful work with others at the Bead Society. Hope I’ll get to see you sometime soon. Big hugs, Jonna

  3. Arli says:

    What a great team you both are!

    • jonna92025 says:

      Hey, Arli, Thanks so much for your note!!! Hope all is well with you and your wonderful ezine, Metal Clay Today. Big hugs, Jonna

  4. Cindy Urrea says:

    Jonna, It’s stunning. What else could we expect? Kudos to Steve! XOXO

    • jonna92025 says:

      Hey, Cindy and Luis, Thanks so much!!! I think Steve did a wonderful job. We miss you so much and really hope to see you soon. Big hugs, Jonna

  5. VickieHallmark says:

    Congratulations on the new website. I’m looking forward to being able to follow your adventures.

    • jonna92025 says:

      Hey, Vickie, Thanks so much for your note and even more for allowing me to share your gorgeous work with the Bead Society of San Diego!!! Please keep me posted on your new work and other adventures.

  6. Jeri says:

    Yeah, you did it! Congrats! <3<3<3

  7. Kim says:

    congratulations on this incredible new website Jonna; it really is a treat to peruse! i’ve felt such an affinity for your work, and now that i know you have a “wordsmith” history, I see one of the reasons why!

    • jonna92025 says:

      Hey, Kim, So good to hear from you!!! Thank you so much for your lovely comments. I was so happy to be able to share your incredible automata with the folks at my talk. I hope I get to see them in person some day!!! Big hugs, Jonna

  8. This is a beautiful website! I am inspired by your words and your art. Perhaps I’ll have the opportunity to meet you in person (I live in L.A.) but until then I am a new fan and “follower”. Congratulations.

    • jonna92025 says:

      Dear Hillary, Thank you so much for your kind words!!! I just visited your gorgeous website. Love your jewelry, love your blog. I’m a big fan of all things French, too. Hope to meet you in person one day!!! Big hugs, Jonna

  9. Steve Wendfeldt says:

    The new site looks fantastic. We are so proud of you both and all that you have accomplished. We’ll see you in the Autumn.

  10. Celie Fago says:

    The web site looks great, Jonna. Great job!

  11. marcia says:

    So nice to see you blogging so I can keep up with you! Beautiful job.

  12. Kelly Murphy says:

    Hi jonna! It was great meeting you in Sierra madre last weekend :). Your site looks great! Thanks for including me!!! I hope to make it to a class of yours soon!!!!! 🙂

  13. Cindy Weigle says:

    Congrats on the site. It is wonderful. I love the banner, blogs, photos and everything about it.

  14. Arlene says:

    Jonna, have fun with your blog. Your web site looks very classy…….like you!
    Good job Steve!!

  15. Gale Tomlinson says:

    Jonna & Steve
    How awesome! Your site is just beautiful and your work……wow as usual. Missing you…

  16. Lillian Toberer says:

    Wow, wonderful website Steve. And Jonna, as usual, your pieces are inspiring.
    You are a most talented person. See you at the copper class.
    Hugs and lots of love,

  17. Mona says:

    Beautiful pieces …. how can I buy?

    • Jonna Faulkner says:

      Hey, Mona,
      I just found your two comments…thank you so much for your interest!!! I can’t claim credit for the photography so I can agree with you that it’s terrific without tooting my own horn. Steve Rossman (www.steverossman.com) took the photos. In the interests of full disclosure, he’s my husband. (I am a lucky girl in so many ways!) I’m sorry my shop is out of service now. I’ll be bringing it back to life in September and will do a blog post about that when it reopens. I hope you’re having a great summer!!!
      Thanks again,

  18. Mona says:

    You’ve done an excellent job in photographing the jewelry so that the artistry and quality of each piece is evident.

  19. Cindy Kaplan says:

    I Jonna! I love your work! So Marion Craven referred me to you. I’m actually trying to make contact with your husband because I understand he does jewelry photography. Can you tell me how to get in touch with him? Thank you!

    • Jonna Faulkner says:

      Hey, Cindy, Thanks so much for your lovely note!!! Isn’t Marion the best? You can reach Steve through his gmail: steve.rossman@gmail.com. He takes great shots of jewelry, if I do brag on him myself!!! Take care!!!!! Jonna

  20. Jolyne Alaniz says:

    Good morning. In March I had contacted a jewelry maker to make a bolo for my husband & my first anniversary may 1. He has failed to come thru even with the design pics, now he says he doesn’t think he can do it if he doesn’t start soon. I’m heartbroken. Would you possibly be able to do one for me by may 1? I can give you more details.

    • Jonna Faulkner says:

      I’m so sorry, Jolyne, but my schedule is packed so I won’t be able to help you. You might try going to a local jewelry store…not one of the chains…to see if they might be able to work with you to get your present made by May 1. Good luck!!!!!

  21. Jonna, So nice meeting with you Tuesday at Balboa Park, Gallery 21. Your work is innovative, stylish and wearable. All the best to you with your future endeavors.

    • Jonna Faulkner says:

      Thanks so much for your lovely note, Karla!!! It was so nice to spend time with you and to see your beautiful work!!! I’m looking forward to coming back to Spanish Village as a visitor so I can spend more time visiting all the other galleries there. I’ll hope to see you then!!!

  22. Sharon Roncone says:

    Hey Jonna,
    I hope you don’t mind that I sent a couple of people your way for PMC Silver workshops/class. They have just finished an enamel course and they want to learn how to make silver clay backgrounds.
    Sharon Roncone

    • Jonna Faulkner says:

      Hey, Sharon,

      Thank you so much!!! I’m delighted to meet your friends. I hope to have my 2020 teaching schedule done and posted by Dec. 29. I was hoping for earlier, but have been overwhelmed by life. I hope you have wonderful holidays and that 2020 brings you much joy!!!
      BIG hugs, Jonna

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